Differing Opinions On Computer Issues

There are many differing opinions on various computer issues these days.  One of the biggest issues is that of cleaning out a computer.  Many people seem to think that cleaning out a PC is not necessary anymore due to the higher performance capabilities.  They argue that a few stray files here and there will not harm the computer’s performance.  However we beg to differ on this issue.  We still find that the more changes you make in Windows, the slower the computer will get over time.  One of the biggest places this is seen is in the Windows registry.  The registry is a complex database that stores a lot of the preferences and settings that are associated with software on your computer.  Settings for your operating system preferences, as well as the preferences within software are stored in the registry.  The registry is complex, and you shouldn’t go changing the registry around if you don’t know what you’re doing.  That’s why several software companies have developed registry cleaner software programs that use sophisticated algorithms that will help you to determine what entries are band and allow their removal with just a few clicks.  Check out We Hate Malware for more information on this type of program.

Another thing that can help out computer performance is updating drivers.  Drivers are key components of your computer – they are small software programs that allow Windows to operate your external hardware devices.  Updating drivers can be a very annoying task, that’s why there are some good software programs on the market that will allow you to scan for and install new drivers with just a few clicks of your mouse.  I suggest this to anyone who wants to update their computer easily.  Getting the right drivers can dramatically improve your computer’s performance.


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